Legionella has lingered in UAB water system after outbreak — but that is not unusual, health officials say


Some level of Legionella was detected last week in the UAB water system connected to an outbreak early last month, UAB said in a statement.
But officials say that is not uncommon as the remediation process continues.

Investigating the outbreak, which infected nine people, two of whom died, are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Jefferson County Department of Health.

„We understand from these discussions (with public health officials) that it is common for certain levels of Legionella to remain in a water system even after remediation,“ Anthony Patterson, senior vice president of Inpatient Services said. „Some level of Legionella was detected, and CDC, ADPH and JCDH did not recommend any additional water restrictions or precautions. The goal is to have no Legionella detected, and remediation efforts are on schedule and will continue until that goal is reached.“

More info: http://blog.al.com/wire/2014/06/legionella_bacteria_lingers_in.html

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